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Russian Artist Creates Steampunk Animals From Old Car Parts, Watches And Electronics

Pigeon from scrap metal
This is a very inspiring innovation I came across on the sometime ago. From scrap pieces of metal to something as beautiful as this, it really shows that the level of our creativity knows no bounds. It all starts
with the idea and you use what you have or what is available to make it work. So I felt it would be nice I share it on this blog. Enjoy and get inspired!!
  When working with metal, it takes a true master to breathe life into their artwork. Russian artist Igor Verniy does just that with his beautiful and elegant articulated steampunk animal sculptures. Their moving parts and Verniy’s attention to detail makes them come alive.

Pigeon from scrap metal

        A lot of work goes on behind the scenes before Verniy creates his artwork. He observes his creations’ living counterparts to ensure that he captures their movements just right. Then, he assembles them from various pieces of scrap metal – old car parts, bike parts, clock movements, tableware, and anything else that fits.

 A Fish from scrap metal

A Duck from scrap metal

        “At heart, I’m an artist, and see the beauty of this world in bright colors, but I’m a technician, too,” Igor Verniy explained to Bored Panda. “The combination of these two qualities has led to the creation of metal models

Butterfly from scrap metal

Butterfly from scrap metal

Igor says that he is inspired by the “outside world, in particular biology and the question of the origin of life. and all natural science, and dreams about the future of human civilization

Octopus from scrap metal

Giant Ant from scrap metal

Many people bring me old items that I can make in my shop, but I also buy a lot of objects at flea markets and collect them in the garages of my brothers and friends. All parts are sorted by category

Bat from scrap metal

Skeleton of a Bat made out of scrap metal

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