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Harrods Introduces One of the Most Expensive Perfume In The World By Clive Christian.

 Harrods is the worlds famous department store online with sale of designer Men and Women Fashion, Luxury Gifts, Food and Accessorries. The launch of its Salon du Parfum in-store
boutique, Harrods created the luxurious, one-of-a-kind, ridiculously expensive perfume 'No1 Passant Guardant.' Well, more specifically, it enlisted British perfumer Clive Christian to create the opulent fragrance, which was then bottled in a beautiful crystal vessel featuring 24-carat gold lattice work and 2,000 individually set diamonds. Clive Christian popularly known for his creation of designer and Luxurious Kitchens, now adds to his credits as the creator of the worlds most Expensive Perfume.

   If you care to know, the cost of the perfume and its extravagant bottle, will set you back about $228,580. Yes, that is the down payment for a house. No, I am not kidding.

   Unfortunately, the bottle contains the standard amount of perfume -- meaning you'll run out just as quickly as the regular drug-store brand. On the bright side, you will at least be left with a beautiful home decor item.  This Perfume is available both online and in stores where you can find luxurious perfumes.